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Everyone has a right to adequate medical and psychosocial care

Kruispost strives for optimal care for a life, which is dignified and offers as much independence as possible. The demand for care is increasing. The group of uninsured people is growing and ageing. This means not only the need for and complexity of acute care is increasing, but also the demand for chronic and long-term care.

We can only continue to do our work with your help!

As a first safety net, we provide a lot of care ourselves and emphatically take the position of high-quality medical and psychosocial care provider. From our expertise, we know that this will remain indispensable, if only because the population of undocumented immigrants is fluid and can quickly change composition.

Do you want to commit to our work?

We are constantly on the lookout for organizations, participants and volunteers who want to commit themselves to the work of our foundation.


Our patients

Our patients come to us from all over the world and are uninsured for medical care for whatever reason. Many have fled war or unsafe situations because of their orientation or religion. Others are migrant workers seeking a better life. They do not want to leave their homeland, but have no choice but to leave everything behind.

A large number of them carry trauma with them. There is often no peace or space for them to recover. Many live an errant existence in Amsterdam. They sleep on the streets, have little or nothing to live on and survive in an almost hopeless existence. Loneliness, social problems and abject poverty mean that the conditions under which these people live are often far from comfortable.