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Medical care

Kruispost operates a walk-in system: first come, first served! You can come to Kruispost during the opening hours. Before the medical practice opens you receive a number. In this way you know when it is your turn. The receptionist will register you and you can then wait in the waiting room until the doctor comes to invite you in. It is not a problem if you do not speak Dutch. Our very experienced doctors can always help you. We ask for a voluntary contribution of € 5.

If our doctors refer you to a specialist, we try to prepare you as best as possible for your visit to the hospital. These referral cards explain how finances are arranged when you go to the hospital. Never cancel your appointment because you are afraid of the costs! In that case, just talk to us or the hospital.

Dental care

Kruispost has offered dental care to uninsurable, undocumented Amsterdammers for the last 15 years. We have a fully equipped dental surgery where we work with experienced dentists, who are assisted by ACTA dental students, After you have visited the Kruispost doctor our receptionist can plan an appointment with the dentist for you.

The dentists hold their surgery at Kruispost on Thursday afternoons. We ask for a voluntary donation of €5 – € 10.


Psychosocial care

The team of psychosocial therapists can help you to formulate your need for help. They can help with stress, tension and other psychic complaints. If necessary you can be referred to a psychologist, a psychiatrist, a trauma therapist or a social worker. This service is free of charge.



Sigrid van Dijke

Mental healthcare therapist

Iris Neevel


Kashi Carasso

Trauma therapist

Bertil Hartoch

Clinical support staff

Helaas is de wachttijd voor het inplannen voor een consult fysiotherapie meer dan 8 weken.

Unfortunately, the waiting time to schedule a physical therapy consultation is more than 8 weeks.